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According to the pricing package you choose, we can choose a royalty-free sound or create unique music for your animated explainer video or commercial.

In this phase we breathe life into the static illustrations and create animations. We put together a script, illustrations and voiceover to create an exciting story.

6. Animation

Our graphic designers develop a unique visual style and translate the storyboard into a series of beautiful illustrations.

4. Illustrations

2. Script

Our team will create a script to tell a compelling story about your company, product or service.

Let’s work together!

Why partner with Animatex

Launching a new product?
Looking to get new clients?
Want to tell the world about your business, product, or service?
We have different ways to help you to tell your story with animation.

1. Briefing

At this stage, our digital artists create a simplified visual representation of the final animated video.

3. Storyboard

Our animated video production process includes 7 steps.

5. Voice over

We work with talented voice actors who can give your video a powerful voice. So you can choose any voice, gender and language.

7. Sound design

  • Professional team

  • Experience with big brands

  • Innovation-thinking

  • One-stop-shop for animated video production

  • The best animation production traditions

  • We explore the client’s vision

  • We research business goals

  • We investigate a target audience

  • We produce high-quality video

Our creative process

We will make your requirements outline and discuss the animation style, mission, and length of your  video.

What does our clients
have to say about us

Animatex is a leading studio for the production of animated explainer videos around the world. On Clutch, it was recognized as one of the best animation companies.
Our studio was also recently rated as one of the best explainer video production companies on The Manifest.

Why use an animated video for your business?

      Encourage omnichannel interaction

Engaging animated video material will grab the interest of your viewers. Make a strong initial impression of the brand and appeal to clients' emotions.


brand awareness

​Using motivational animated explainer video, raise brand awareness and establish an impactful online presence.


your goods and services

In an animated explainer video, describe the purpose and features of your product. Innovatively introducing your products or company ideas might assist.

       Produce leads

and conversions

An animated explainer video may assist in converting viewers into devoted clients and partners in addition to engaging your target audience.


your clients

Create a self-service site or digital library where clients can access expert explanation videos with the solutions to the most common issues and receive top-notch support.

       Make a compelling sales pitch

Your sales presentation will be spiced up with animated explanation videos. Engagingly present novel concepts and expound on difficult ones to your partners, investors, and clients.

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