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30-Second Explainer Videos

Want to grab customers' attention at sunlight speed and get them interested in your brand? Then a 30-second explainer video is a great solution. If you have an idea for your 30-second explainer video, we have a professional team to bring it to life.

Why 30-second explainer videos are so effective

30-second explainer videos are especially useful in online advertising when you need to convey a clear message in a short amount of time. They are helpful when your company wants to attract the attention of potential customers, build strong associations with a brand, and create vivid interest in your company.


Strengths of 30-second explainer videos

Fast, bright and impressive - these are the main advantages of our 30-second explainer videos. Companies use them mainly to increase brand awareness by spreading a logo and a marketing message.

30-second videos are great if you want to support already published advertising with a timely reference to a specific offer, discount or master class.

They also come in handy when advertising events, when you need to provide key information about the time, place and date of a particular event that is coming up soon.

Why partner with Animatex

Award-winning team

Animatex is a team of experienced animators, creative illustrators, reliable project managers and innovative thinking directors. Together we have implemented over 400 projects for startups, advertising agencies, SMEs and big brands. Animatex is constantly working with a large network of voice actors who can join the project when needed and give your video a powerful voice.

Extensive expertise

Since its inception in 2015, Animatex has served companies from almost every industry and has a wealth of experience in the animation business. Over the years, we have gained insights from different niches and learned a lot about the peculiarities of different fields. This helps us create targeted videos that resonate with your customers and address your business goals.

International reputation

Animatex is headquartered in Tbilisi (Georgia) and proactively cooperates with PR & advertising agencies, startups and world-renowned companies around the world. Our company has earned an international reputation and professional recognition on the global market. We are rated as the best explainer video production company on The Manifest and the best animation studio on Clutch.

FAQ about 30-second
explainer videos

How can I use 30-second films for my business?

Companies typically use 30-second explainer videos for online advertising on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social networks. They can also use it as a pop-up video on a website to let users know about an upcoming event or discount.

How much time do you need to produce a 30-second explainer video?

Each video is unique and may require different production times depending on the animation style you choose, the script and your requirements. However, on average it takes about two weeks.

What is the cost of 30-second explainer video production?

The cost of explainer video production varies for different projects. On average, the price for a 30-second video starts at 700 USD.

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