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3D Animated Videos

Do you want to renew your digital marketing? Then a 3D animated explainer video is just what you need. 3D animation has become an important marketing method that allows brands to communicate their messages more efficiently, promote products and services in a more appealing way, and stand out from the competition.

Animatex is a leading 3D animation production company in Poland, actively cooperating with PR and advertising agencies, as well as directly with brands.
We offer all stages of animation video production, including script writing, storyboarding, illustrations, animation, voiceover and sound design.

What is 3D animation?

3D animation is a process of creating the illusion of movement in a three‑dimensional environment. It means animating characters and objects that can be rotated and moved like in real-life. Manipulation of 3D objects is carried out using special 3D software programs for exporting picture sequences, giving them the illusion movement.


Reasons for choosing a 3D animation video


Seeing is believing. Sometimes, we need to see a product or system in 3D to understand how it works and evaluate all its advantages. 3D animation allows companies to provide a better comprehension of products and business concepts to customers. In a 3D animated video, you can demonstrate your product features and components more narratively.



3D animation allows brands to create a "wow effect." In a 3D animated video, you can let your imagination run wild, as you can literally bring any idea to life in a three-dimensional space. This allows companies to make a positive first impression and present their ideas to the target audience in the most exciting way.

What we offer

  • 3D logo animations

  • 3D animated explainer videos

  • 3D motion graphics design

  • Animated music lyrics videos

  • Product animated “how-to” tutorials

  • 3D character animation

  • 3D rendered illustrations & images

  • 3D product animation & 3D product renderings

Why partner with Animatex

Learn more about why it's worth to create your next explainer video with us.

We value your time and convenience

We understand the value of time for business people. That's why Animatex pays special attention to project management issues, meeting all milestones, and effective communication that allows us to significantly shorten delivery times.

We offer the quality you expect

At Animatex, we create 2D explainer videos of the highest quality. Our team applies best practices and the best techniques to achieve results that exceed client expectations. The quality of our animations is highly rated by industry experts on B2B rankings like Clutch and The Manifest.

We offer multilingual versions

Do you need to create multiple versions of your animated video, such as English, Spanish and German? Animatex can help you with this by providing you with a multilingual voiceover. Our company works with an extensive network of talented voice actors from around the world.

Why create your
3D video with Animatex

Professional team of digital artists

Our team consists of experienced video production and animation experts. You can be sure that your project is in the hands of talented illustrators, professional animators, reliable project managers and creative directors. Our collective work has been highly rated on leading B2B market analysis platforms such as Clutch and The Manifest.

Proven track record

We have extensive experience and a proven track record in the animation industry. Since its inception in 2015, Animatex has been providing animated explainer video production services to small and medium-sized businesses.

We think outside the box

We love new challenges and view them as motivation to evolve our team's creative thinking. Animatex not only brings together dedicated professionals, but also talented individuals who think outside the box. This enables our team to produce animated videos that stand out for their innovation and exceptional approaches.

Cross-industry knowledge

Our team has produced animated explainer videos for over 400 companies from various industries. This has allowed us to gather valuable insights about animation for specific niches and apply them to our next projects. This also allows us to offer a wealth of cross-industry knowledge that helps us deliver even more impressive video content for your business.

FAQ about 3D explainer videos

What is the cost of a 3D animation explainer video?

The cost of a 3D animated explainer video depends on a number of factors, including the length of the video, the urgency of delivery, and the client's requirements. At Animatex, the average price for a 3D animated explainer video is around $3000 USD.

What are the stages of a 3D animation video process?

The production of a 3D explainer video requires going through the following phases: Target audience research, client business analysis, conceptualization, script writing, storyboarding, illustration, animation, voiceover and sound design.

How long does it usually take to produce a 3D animation video?

Normally, the production of a 3D animated video takes 4-5 weeks. However, the delivery time depends largely on the complexity of the animation and the project requirements.

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