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Animated Explainer Video Templates

Do you wish to wow your audience with one-of-a-kind animated video content? You may start right now. Explain Ninja has put together a large variety of premade animated explainer video templates to help you boost your marketing efforts with bright animation.

Our team has produced animated explainer videos for companies in several industries over the years and has learnt a lot about their needs and particular.

We attempted to capture all of our findings in animated video templates designed for various domains and verticals.

Types of explainer video templates we offer

Template for an explainer video

Allow your audience several minutes to grasp your concept. Create an animated explainer video to clearly explain your company's principles, procedures, and systems.

Template for a business service video

Promote your services in a unique and extraordinary way. Explainer videos for business may help you increase client loyalty and engagement.

Template for educational and training videos

Make your courses or seminars more enjoyable and creative. Using instructional and training video templates, you may transform complex knowledge into digestible content.

Template for a product video

Create an explainer video to showcase the functioning, competitive advantages, and unique design of your product. Show how your product can solve client issues in creatively.

Template for social media advertisements

Create an animated video commercial to wow your target audience with your brand's creative customer service ideas.

Template for whiteboard animation video

Using a whiteboard animation explainer video template, you can consistently express your concepts and captivate a target audience.

Template for an app video

In a superb explainer video, demonstrate the features, benefits, and quirks of your mobile app. It will assist you get media attention for your app and increase downloads.

Template for event promotion video

Allow knowledge about the approaching event to spread as fast as the wind. Create an animated advertising video to generate interest in your event.

What you get choosing templates from Animatex

Excellent illustration style

Animatex's animated videos have won several honors for their amazing visual flair. Our digital artists produce innovative, humorous, and aesthetically appealing graphics that will capture an eye and conquer the heart of your target audience.

Simple-to-make videos

You can make an animated video in minutes using Explain Ninja. Simply select a video template, tweak it (write text, upload photographs and videos, add or delete scenes), and share it on social media or your website.

Animation of high quality

We provide several animation techniques such as 2D and 3D animation, whiteboard animation, motion graphics, and stop motion animation. Our animators expertly blend them to create high-quality explainer video templates that are alive with flair and dynamism.

A touch of humor and fun

We at Animatex like having a good time. We constantly try to inject a sense of fun into our animated videos. It assists businesses in increasing client loyalty and creating an emotional connection with their target audience.

FAQ about explainer video templates

How can I use an animated explainer video template?

You may use an animated explainer video template to make your own video and share it with your followers on social media, embed it on your website, utilize it in online advertising, or use it for mobile user onboarding.

What are the benefits of animated explainer videos for business?

Animated videos serve to raise brand recognition, enhance customer interaction, capture the attention of your target audience, offer your products or services imaginatively, and turn viewers into devoted customers.

What makes a good explainer video template?

A good quality explainer video template should include beautiful illustrations and graphics, professional animation, pleasant background music, and engaging sound effects.

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