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Crypto Animation

With our extensive experience in the animation industry, we produce the best crypto token explainer videos that will help you engage your target audience, attract new customers and build long-term partnerships.

Animatex is one of the leading cryptocurrency explainer video production companies around the world.

What is a crypto/blockchain explainer video?

Crypto and blockchain development companies may face challenges explaining complicated and narrow concepts to non-technical customers. An animated explainer video is the best solution in this case. Companies can use animation to present complex information in an engaging story that entertains viewers and converts them into loyal customers.


A crypto or blockchain explainer video is a short animated video that lasts on average 30 seconds to 2 minutes to convey blockchain ideas to customers in an easy-to-understand form.

Why use an animated video in the blockchain & cryptocurrency industry?

Convert website visitors into investors

A website is the first place on the web people visit to learn more about a company. With a compelling explainer video on the homepage, you can make a positive impression on potential investors and build a strong brand image.

Build a strong online presence

You can use blockchain explainer videos for advertising, social media content, landing pages, email marketing, and blogs. All these components contribute to your online presence and help build a strong brand image in the online world.

Explain complex innovations

Many people are interested in the innovations offered by the blockchain industry. However, most of them aren't familiar with the terminology, and it can be difficult to understand some ideas. An animated video is a perfect medium to explain complex innovations and interact with customers on both the audio and visual levels at the same time.

Spark excitement to your ICOs

Explainer videos for crypto businesses can help gain investor trust and loyalty by consistently explaining your competitive advantages and ideas. Moreover, they allow you to create a creative and compelling presentation for your business and raise funds for new cryptocurrencies faster.

Why work with Animatex

Learn more about why it's worth creating your next explainer video with us.

Rich expertise

Our team has extensive experience in producing animated videos for the crypto industry. Our expertise enables us to create a visually appealing and high converting animated video for your business.

Affordable prices

We offer affordable prices for animated explainer video production. We create professional and eye-catching animated videos that address your business goals and stay within budget.

Timely delivery

We offer fast turnaround because Animatex brings together talented professionals who have worked together for many years and collaborate perfectly on projects. This allows us to significantly shorten the production time.

FAQ about animated cryptocurrency videos

What must be in crypto explainer videos?

Whether you want to produce a bitcoin explainer video or any other type of blockchain video, it must meet three principles of great storytelling: defining the customer's problem, demonstrating how a person can solve that problem with a product or service, and the brand's competitive advantages, supported by a strong call to action at the end of the film.

What is the best length of a crypto token film?

The length of a crypto explainer video averages between 30 seconds and 1 to 2 minutes. However, short videos are usually better because they summarize the information in a short sequence and don't give the customer a chance to get bored.

How can I use blockchain explainer videos?

You can use blockchain explainer videos in social media advertising, websites, email marketing, video marketing on YouTube, trade shows, conferences, and other places in the online and offline world.

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