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Education Explainer Video

Because they are amusing and enjoyable, animated explainer videos have become quite popular in preschool teaching. They assist juniors maintain their attention, push them to learn new subjects with cartoon animated heroes, and foster a passion of learning. Explainer videos for education are frequently utilized in schools, kindergartens, and remote learning.

Benefits of preschool educational videos

Animatex offers a variety of animation styles and techniques to get the best result for your company.

Grab the kids attention with funny characters

An explanation video for remote learning demonstrates the most efficient way to keep children's attention during lessons. It assists youngsters in staying focused on instructional content and processing knowledge more efficiently.

Develop a passion for learning

A distance learning explainer video with amusing characters might encourage youngsters to learn more actively since they can study while watching cartoons. Thus, animated videos encourage children's interest in educational activities and their curiosity about new things.

Transform a lesson into a fun narrative.

A preschool educational video helps you to transform a routine class into an enjoyable activity. It helps children to study while still having fun. An explainer video for remote learning, in particular, has lately gained popularity.

Encourage juniors' inventiveness and ingenuity

An explainer video for learning helps children expand their imaginations and pushes them to be more creative. Teachers may include instructive video snippets into their courses, discuss them with their students, and play games based on an animated tale. It will inspire juniors to strengthen their memory and imagination while also revealing their unique abilities

Set the mood and emotions for each class.

Onboarding is an important aspect of the hiring process. Corporate explainer videos for newcomers may assist HR professionals and recruiters in providing all critical information about the organization and its policies in an easy to understand style.

Why Brands choose Animatex

Learn more about why it's worth creating your next explainer video with us.


Animatex is dedicated to creating high-quality explainer videos that inject creativity into our customers' marketing initiatives. We use the most recent trends and tried-and-true approaches to produce animated videos that generate conversation about businesses and increase conversions.

Professional team

Our firm brings together award-winning animators, illustrators, voice artists, and directors whose abilities, talents, and unwavering dedication will enable your brand to outperform the competition online with an eye-catching explainer video.

Experience with well-known brands

Working with the top brands is the most difficult since they have the most stringent end-product criteria. Our experience making animated video for well-known organizations enabled us to get even more in-depth market expertise.

The most prestigious animation production traditions

Since 2015, we've been nurturing the greatest animation traditions while also discovering new approaches to enable us offer even more standout animation. We improve our talents and learn new things every year in order to provide the finest results for our clients.

FAQ about educational
explainer videos

What is the cost of an animated educational video?

The price of an explainer video for education is determined by a variety of criteria, including the urgency of delivery, the intricacy of the animation style used, the length of the video, and others. A typical educational video costs $3000 US

What is your educational video production process?

The animated instructional video production process typically includes numerous steps, including topic research, scenario and screenplay writing, storyboarding, artwork creation, animation, voicing, and sound design.

What is the best length of an educational video?

It is determined by the intended audience's age. If the topic is children, the optimal length for an instructive video is roughly 1-2 minutes. If an explainer video is too long, it gets difficult to hold their interest.

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