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Ecommerce Explainer Videos it's easy for us

The online world is increasingly flooded with brands, products and services. Competition in the eCommerce space is particularly challenging. To stand out from the crowd, brands are looking for innovative ways to promote their products online. Animated eCommerce explainer videos can be what they need to capture the hearts of customers and showcase their offerings in an exceptional way.

Animatex is an animated explainer video production company with around a decade of experience in the animation industry. Our team of talented illustrators, animators and producers create high-quality explainer videos and animated commercials for eCommerce companies.

Benefits of using an animated explainer video for eCommerce

Explainer video strengthens your brand

An animated video is one of the most engaging content types that makes users slow down the scrolling and watch the video in full. Such user behavior lets Google algorithms know that your website contains highly valuable and relevant content. It helps a website rise in search results and appear at the top of the competition.

ECommerce videos strengthen customer loyalty

With an animated explainer video, you can creatively promote your product or the entire e-commerce business on social media, on the website, or elsewhere on the web. Animation is a non-salesy and non-intrusive promotional activity that primarily provides entertainment and helps build customer loyalty.

Product videos increase sales

Brands use explainer videos for e-commerce products on landing pages to showcase product benefits, explain how to use it, and motivate customers to buy it. Such product demos and promotional videos encourage people to learn more about a product's competitive advantages and lead to more sales.

Animated videos increase engagement

An animated video is a powerful customer engagement tool that makes your brand message more compelling and motivates visitors to your eCommerce store. Engaging animation stirs the viewer's emotions, sparks interest in a brand, and allows you to interact with customers on a more personal level.

Why choose Animatex?

Learn more about why it's worth creating your next explainer video with us.

Market Leadership

Animatex is one of the best providers of real estate explainer videos. We offer pre-made explainer videos for real estate and custom animations to empower agencies to lead the competition in the industry with exciting video promotion.

Leading the industry

Since our inception in 2015, we have produced over 400 animated videos for companies including startups and global brands.

Partnership with global brands

We put our clients first, and we provide something that fits your unique brand. We design memorable cartoon characters for explainer videos in the real estate industry to highlight your brand identity and marketing message.

FAQ about eCommerce
explainer videos

How much does it cost to make an eCommerce explainer video?

The price of explainer videos for eCommerce ranges from $2000 to $5000, depending on the length of the video, the specifics of an animation style, sound design, the urgency of delivery, and other factors.

What is the optimal length of an eCommerce explainer video?

The optimal duration of an animated explanatory video for an e-commerce company varies between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, depending on the purpose of the video and your business objectives.

What are the stages of your explainer video production process?

Our process of producing animated videos includes seven main steps, including briefing, script writing, storyboarding, illustration, animation, voice-over and sound design.

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