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Explainer Video Maker

Animatex is a multi-award winning explainer video creator. Since 2015, the company has provided animation and video production services to public relations and advertising agencies, small and medium-sized businesses, startups, and major corporations.

We have extensive expertise in the animation sector as well as cross-industry knowledge, which allows us to create high-quality explainer videos for a variety of markets.

Why use explainer videos
for your business

Animated explainer videos enable businesses to harness the sales and marketing power of brand storytelling. Companies may use animation to display their products and services in an entertaining manner, increase client loyalty, and increase sales. However, these are only a few of the advantages of explainer videos for businesses. Consider some further reasons why animated video production is so beneficial in web marketing.

Animation maintains interest

Animation is an excellent attention grabber. Users will be drawn to a colorful, stunning, and unique animation style in a social media news feed, online advertising, websites, and other locations in the online world. It piques the user's interest in a brand and entices them to investigate its products and services.

Explainers that are animated can assist your SEO

Website users spend longer time on sites that have animated explainer videos. It happens because people are more interested in watching the video than reading the text or scrolling through the website. This type of user activity informs search engines that a website provides important material. They increase the visibility of such a website in search results.

Explainer videos clarify difficult subjects

Businesses in a variety of sectors use explainer videos to communicate a brand message as well as sophisticated information about products and services in a pleasant and interesting manner. This method makes even the most difficult subjects understandable to everyone.

You may outsource your public relations to animation

An fascinating animation helps grab your target audience's attention and motivates people to share your explainer video with their friends on social media. It is a successful PR strategy for businesses to spread the word about themselves on social media.

Our explainer video examples

Explainer Video Service Tutorial

Explainer Video

HC "Sochi"
Loyalty Programme

Why create your animated video with Animatex

Affordable prices

We offer affordable prices and deliver the video in excellent quality within the budget you set.

International reputation

Animatex has earned an international reputation, serving companies around the world and being one of the best video production companies on a global scale.

Fast delivery times

Animatex has highly efficient and streamlined project management processes that ensure fast turnaround.

Experienced team

Our company brings together seasoned professionals with extensive experience in animation, illustration and video production.

Our video production process

Our animated explainer video production process includes 6 steps. At Animatex, we guarantee an individual approach to your project, considering your target audience, business goals, and KPIs.

1. Briefing

We identify the target audience and business goals to create a compelling explainer video for a mobile app that reaches the right users with the right answers.

2. Script

In this phase, we create a script. This is a scenario and text that will be spoken in the video. A script is essential for a successful video as it helps to clearly convey a marketing message or brand concept.

3. Storyboard

4. Illustrations

Storyboarding is about matching the visual presentation with a story. It involves creating a series of sketches that represent scenes and shots of the future video.

It's time to create beautiful illustrations that match the defined script and storyboard. We approach each client individually and create a unique illustration style.

5. Voice over

Animatex offers an extensive database of sound effects and a team of talented voice actors who can give your video a powerful voice.

6. Animation

In this phase, we breathe life and motion into static illustrations and create animations in a 2D or 3D digital environment.

FAQ about animated explainer videos

How to use animated explainer videos for a business?

Explainer videos may be used on a corporate website, social media, product landing pages, email marketing, tradeshows, and a variety of other occasions. Explainer video marketing helps to boost your brand's online image.

What is the price of an explainer video?

The price of an explainer video depends on its duration, animation style, and the specifics of your project. However, it is common for it to begin at $2,000 USD.

Who owns the rights to the videos?

All rights are transferred to the customer after the animated explainer video is completed and delivered in high quality.

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