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Do you have questions?
Here are the answers.


Everything depends on the details. Usually, we calculate the cost per minute of the video. However, to determine it more precisely, we need to know the following things: 

  • What video style you prefer?

  • Whether the video should include characters? They make the animation process more complicated.

  • Whether you need to write the script from scratch or if you have already created your own script?

  • Whether you want to produce your own music for the video or choose the default music?

Yes, we do. You can select the speaker's age, gender, language and dialect.
We have over 100,000 speakers in our database, speaking more than 50 languages.
We also offer an unlimited number of revisions to satisfy our clients 100%.


The price includes identifying your needs, writing an engaging script, voice recording, storyboarding, creating illustrations for each scene, animation, music selection/production, and our love dedicated to every second of your video.

Yes, we write a script for every explainer video. We always try to explain things in the video in a way that is easy to understand. We have professional scriptwriters who have studied for years to create a compelling script for your video that conveys everything you need to the target audience.

After the client decides to cooperate with our studio, we sign an agreement on the services to be provided. We then write an appealing script and create a visual storyboard that illustrates the individual scenes in a video sequence. Once the client approves the script, we begin drawing illustrations. Once the storyboard is approved, our motion designers start animating. Meanwhile, we select music or produce a custom sound for your video and record a voice-over.Finally, we put it all together.
Voila! Your video is ready.


On average, the creation of a video takes between 2 and 4 weeks.
However, in special cases that require more in-depth research, it may take longer.


Our animation production company offers a variety of styles, including flat drawings (very popular), minimalism, outline drawings and many others - you can choose the style you like best. Animations can be created in 2D, 3D or hand-drawn.

In this case, we reduce the cost of video production a little. It also allows us to accurately estimate the cost of the video from the beginning and tell you, because a script allows us to calculate the schedule.

If you already have your own script, we can immediately determine the cost of video production. If not, we take into account all the client's requirements and make a rough estimate of the approximate video length based on our experience. The duration of the video has a significant impact on the production cost.

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