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Healthcare Explainer Videos

Animatex is a creative animation video production company. Since 2015, we have been producing animated videos for healthcare professionals and medical facilities to make patient interactions more engaging and empower them to educate people about health.

With extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge, we can create any type of explainer video on health.

Benefits of explainer videos for healthcare companies

Make communication with patients more engaging

It can be difficult for healthcare professionals to explain complex concepts and procedures to patients. This is where an explainer video about health can help. Animation helps turn complicated medical information into an engaging and easy-to-understand story.

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Improve the education of healthcare professionals.

A healthcare explainer video not only helps patients understand treatment, but can also be useful for training purposes. Medical explainer videos in 2D and 3D animation are often used in universities to demonstrate some medical procedures to students.

Effective marketing and branding in healthcare

Marketing in healthcare can be challenging as it is a very specific field. Explainer video animation for healthcare is a great marketing solution that allows a company to creatively engage its target audience and increase brand awareness.


Our video production process

Our animated explainer video production process includes 6 steps. At Animatex, we guarantee an individual approach to your project, considering your target audience, business goals, and KPIs.

1. Briefing

We identify the target audience and business goals to create a compelling explainer video for a mobile app that reaches the right users with the right answers.

2. Script

In this phase, we create a script. This is a scenario and text that will be spoken in the video. A script is essential for a successful video as it helps to clearly convey a marketing message or brand concept.

3. Storyboard

4. Illustrations

Storyboarding is about matching the visual presentation with a story. It involves creating a series of sketches that represent scenes and shots of the future video.

It's time to create beautiful illustrations that match the defined script and storyboard. We approach each client individually and create a unique illustration style.

5. Voice over

Animatex offers an extensive database of sound effects and a team of talented voice actors who can give your video a powerful voice.

6. Animation

In this phase, we breathe life and motion into static illustrations and create animations in a 2D or 3D digital environment.

Why partner with Animatex?

Learn more about why it's worth creating your next explainer video with us.

Extensive expertise

Our team consists of creative directors, talented producers and dedicated animators. With 7 years of experience in the market, Animatex delivers explainer video productions that exceed client expectations.

Global Industry Leadership

Animatex is rated as a top video production company on Clutch. It is also listed among the top 2D animation studios and storyboarding companies in Poland. Animated videos from Animatex are featured in major media outlets.

Individual approach to the client

Our team takes an individual approach to each project. We love helping our clients bring their unique stories to light by producing explainer videos with a compelling script, beautiful visual style, and compelling voiceover. We believe animation is a great way to tell your company's story and motivate people to learn more about your services.

FAQ about an explainer video
for healthcare

How effective is an explainer video for the health industry?

There are many ways to use an animated video in the healthcare industry. For example, medical professionals can explain healthcare concepts to patients, train employees, and improve brand marketing.

What is the optimal length of animated medical explainer videos?

A general animated explainer video for healthcare should be no longer than 2 minutes, unless it's educational material for students or a more comprehensive educational video for patients.

How long does it take to produce an animated explainer video?

The delivery time depends on many factors, such as the client's requirements, the complexity of the animation, and the length of the video. However, a typical 3-minute animation video can take 4-8 weeks to produce.

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