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B2B Explainer Video for Your Partner or Investor

All over the world, companies are using animated explainer videos to describe their services, products and ideas. The B2B sector is no exception. Wherever you need to introduce your company to customers, investors, or partners, animation can help you turn a pitch into a compelling story that converts viewers into leads.

With years of experience producing animated videos for B2B companies around the world, Animatex can provide comprehensive video production services that will enable your company to lead the competition in the marketplace.

Why include a B2B explainer video in your marketing strategy?

Deliver a clear and powerful message

B2B explainer videos allow brands to communicate their concepts to customers much more efficiently. An engaging animation allows you to convey a brand message in a concise and captivating way. It helps your brand ring loud and be heard by potential customers in the digital space.

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Introduce your business concept creatively

Businesses from different industries are fighting for the attention of the target audience. The game in the market is getting tougher and tougher. A custom animated explainer video can help businesses distinguish their brand and outperform their competitors with an original business concept presentation.

Build a memorable brand image

Looking for innovative ways to build your brand image in the online world? With an animated logo, powerful brand message and brand colors in a creative explainer video, you can increase audience engagement and brand awareness.


What we offer

Animatex offers a variety of animation styles and techniques to get the best result for your project.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a style where an author creates static illustrations on a white background and records the video of this process. This style is especially popular in the business world, as it allows explaining complex concepts in the most concise way.

2D animation

2D animation is the art of creating the illusion of motion in a two-dimensional environment by stringing individual drawings together in time. This animation style is commonly used for the production of cartoons, commercials, marketing videos, and trade show introduction videos.

3D Animation

In 3D animation, heroes, objects, vehicles, and props are brought to life in a digital three-dimensional space through motion. 3D video leaves much more to the imagination and allows you to create objects that can rotate and look more natural, just like in real life.


Stop-motion is an animation technique in which objects are manually moved in small increments between individually shot frames. By stitching these images together, the illusion of independent movement in space is created. Stop-motion helps to present your ideas in an innovative way.


We offer screencast production with a compelling script and meaningful voiceover. A screencast is a video recording of a digital product's user experience and on-screen output. Screencast videos are commonly used for marketing mobile applications, promoting digital tools, and advertising software products.

Our explainer videos for businesses

Explainer Video Service Tutorial

Explainer Video

HC "Sochi"
Loyalty Programme

Why partner with Animatex?

Learn more about why it's worth to create your next explainer video with us.

Customer-oriented approach

The success of our clients is our ultimate goal. Before we start video production, our experts carefully study the market, your business specifics and KPIs to create an animated video that resonates with the target audience, addresses your business goals and increases conversion rates.

Outstanding creative capabilities

Animatex is home to dedicated professionals, creative directors, talented digital artists, and award-winning animators who can turn your brand launch into an exciting story that leaves no one indifferent and leaves a strong first impression of your brand.

Leading the industry

Animatex is a leading studio for the production of animated explainer videos around the world. On Clutch, it was recognized as one of the best 2D animation companies and top storyboarding studios. Animatex was also recently rated as one of the best explainer video production companies on The Manifest.

FAQ about B2B explainer videos

How do you make a B2B explainer video?

To create the best B2B explainer video in 2020, we go through seven production phases, including market research, brainstorming, script writing, storyboarding, illustration, animation and voiceover.

Why is a B2B explainer video important?

A professional B2B explainer video can help you shape a positive brand reputation, deliver excellent self-promotion, and communicate business concepts succinctly. An animated video can perfectly complement your B2B marketing strategy and enhance your brand's impact.

How long should an explainer B2B video be?

The length of an animated explainer video ranges from 30 seconds to 2 or 3 minutes. If you need a quick and snappy social media promotion, a 30-second video is more suitable. However, if you need to explain your product or services, a 2- or 3-minute video may be the best option.

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