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Corporate Explainer Video for Your Company

An animated explainer video is a versatile piece of material that can be used at practically any level of employee onboarding, training, and other business operations. Corporate explainer videos may be used by businesses to educate employees about company policies, perform internal training, and recruit new staff.

Animatex, situated in Tbilisi, Georgia, is a renowned animated explainer video creation firm.
We have been producing high-quality animated videos for various corporate applications since 2015.

We offer different types of corporate explainer videos

Animatex offers a variety of animation styles and techniques to get the best result for your company.

Videos for recruitment

An animated corporate explainer video may be used by businesses to capture potential applicants' attention, highlight career prospects, and target the proper audience with a compelling message. It may assist you in communicating corporate identity, culture, and values in order to pique the viewer's interest in a firm and a job post.

Videos for training

Businesses may utilize animated corporate video explainers to teach their staff, illustrate how certain equipment or processes function, and motivate people to advance in their careers.

Videos for onboarding

Onboarding is an important aspect of the hiring process. Corporate explainer videos for newcomers may assist HR professionals and recruiters in providing all critical information about the organization and its policies in an easy to understand style.

Corporate culture videos

Animated corporate explainer videos that highlight the basic principles and mission of the organization may kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, they motivate employees by reminding them that they are a part of something much larger and more remarkable. They, on the other hand, convey your brand to customers as an authoritative corporation motivated by values.

Videos of shareholders

Whether you want to communicate your future quarter's plan or illustrate your financial success to stakeholders, an animated explainer video is likely what you need to do it the most narratively, artistically, and amazingly. You may now say goodbye to dull presentations and hello to a more creative manner to represent your company.

Why Brands choose Animatex

Learn more about why it's worth creating your next explainer video with us.


Animatex is dedicated to creating high-quality explainer videos that inject creativity into our customers' marketing initiatives. We use the most recent trends and tried-and-true approaches to produce animated videos that generate conversation about businesses and increase conversions.

Professional team

Our firm brings together award-winning animators, illustrators, voice artists, and directors whose abilities, talents, and unwavering dedication will enable your brand to outperform the competition online with an eye-catching explainer video.

Experience with well-known brands

Working with the top brands is the most difficult since they have the most stringent end-product criteria. Our experience making animated video for well-known organizations enabled us to get even more in-depth market expertise.

The most prestigious animation production traditions

Since 2015, we've been nurturing the greatest animation traditions while also discovering new approaches to enable us offer even more standout animation. We improve our talents and learn new things every year in order to provide the finest results for our clients.

FAQ about corporate explainer videos

What is an animated explainer video?

An animated explainer video is a 30-120 second video that employs animation to explain complicated topics, market services and goods, illustrate product functioning, introduce a company, and so on.

How can an explainer video help business?

Whether you are presenting information to your shareholders, employees, or customers, an animated video can help you explain concepts is a more straightforward format and boost the viewer’s engagement.

How long does it take to produce an explainer video?

Every project is unique and may require a different delivery time. However, the average animated explainer video production time is 2-4 weeks.

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