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Create a FinTech Explainer Video

Award-winning animation and explainer video production firm Animatex is based in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Since 2015, we have been producing top-notch animated videos for banks, fintech startups, and other financial institutions that are used for marketing and instructional reasons.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested in working on a video project with our team.

What is a fintech animated
explainer video?

It is a brief animation-based video that introduces a fintech firm, advertises its goods and services, and enlightens viewers about complex financial advances and technology. Animated videos are frequently used by fintech businesses to explain how their products operate and instruct consumers on how to utilize them more efficiently.

An effective marketing strategy that enables businesses to expand their user base and foster customer loyalty is an animated financial explainer video.

Benefits of using an explainer video for a fintech company

Use your financial technology to demonstrate

An animated videomight be the ideal format for showcasing the practical applications of your cutting-edge methods and technology. Potential buyers will comprehend your financial solution and how to use it better as a result.

Deliver a sales pitch that is more persuasive

Your sales pitch can include an animated explanation video. Enhance your service or product presentation with compelling narration, lovely animations, a stunning visual aesthetic, and a top-notch voiceover. It will assist in differentiating your business from rivals.

Display your innovative fintech ideas.

In an explainer video, you may highlight all the benefits and competitive advantages of your digital goods and financial technologies. The presentation of your financial invention will appear much more alluring to potential clients when combined with an intriguing animated tale.

Improve market penetration for finance firms

For financial organizations wanting to break into the market with the newest developments, an animated video is very beneficial. Explainer videos perform well in terms of client interaction in any marketplace, making them a great option for companies looking to conduct their marketing across many channels.

Why choose Animatex as a partner

Learn more about why it's worth creating your next explainer video with us.

Knowledge of the financial sector

We have been working closely with a lot of financial startups and businesses. Every project is seen by us as a chance to expand our expertise and advance our careers. With almost ten years of expertise, we can provide you with solutions that are tailored to the needs of the finance sector.

The extensive skill set of the squad

Animatex is a group of accomplished filmmakers, animators, and digital artists that have been producing work together since the beginning. When working together on projects, we compliment one another well.

Leading studio for animated video creation

On the most reliable B2B market analytics platforms, Animatex has been ranked among the top animation and video production firms. Our most recent successes include being acknowledged as the best explainer video creation firm on The Manifest globally.

A methodical approach to producing videos

We approach the creation of animated videos strategically, taking into account the client's business objectives, the market, rivals, target audience, and post-production prospects for brand promotion.

FAQ about fintech
explainer videos

How can I use an animated video in the finance industry?

Scripting, storyboarding, artwork, animation, voicing, and sound design are the first seven steps in our video production process.

How much does it cost to produce an animated financial video?

A basic explainer video for insurance firms costs $2000 to produce.

Why are animated explainer videos so effective?

The reason animated explainer videos are so helpful is that they can convey even the most difficult topics in a few minutes. They also serve as strong attention-getters due to their energetic and entertaining personalities.

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