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Explainer Videos for
Insurance Companies

Being in the very competitive insurance sector, you must have a solid web marketing plan. You may sell your insurance services more creatively by pairing it with an animated explainer video.

We produce an animated marketing or instructional video to creatively promote your service.

Benefits of an explainer video for an insurance company

Assist consumers in comprehending the offerings

Explainer videos are a great approach to educate prospective consumers on the benefits of insurance services and products. Let them watch a little film to save time and gain crucial knowledge about the advantages of working with your firm.

A good approach to filter out digital "noise"

In the internet world, your business can separate out from other insurance brokerages. You just need to tell a compelling animated video tale while showcasing your distinctive service.

Adaptable to any price range

The duration of the video and various animation motifs reflect various production costs. You may create an animated video without sacrificing quality while staying inside your budget.

Extended reach to potential customers

Since 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic is video, animated explainer videos for insurance businesses may help them reach a wider audience and attract more clients.

Visualize any idea to make it come to reality

Modern consumers choose video content because it enables them to quickly and easily obtain all the information they need.

Clients' fascinating reaction

Your company will be able to promote consumer engagement and boost their loyalty by using an animated explainer video. An animated explainer video will captivate your target audience because of its fun and instructive qualities.

Our video production process

Our animated explainer video production process includes 6 steps. At Animatex, we guarantee an individual approach to your project, considering your target audience, business goals, and KPIs.

1. Briefing

We identify the target audience and business goals to create a compelling explainer video for a mobile app that reaches the right users with the right answers.

2. Script

In this phase, we create a script. This is a scenario and text that will be spoken in the video. A script is essential for a successful video as it helps to clearly convey a marketing message or brand concept.

3. Storyboard

4. Illustrations

Storyboarding is about matching the visual presentation with a story. It involves creating a series of sketches that represent scenes and shots of the future video.

It's time to create beautiful illustrations that match the defined script and storyboard. We approach each client individually and create a unique illustration style.

5. Voice over

Animatex offers an extensive database of sound effects and a team of talented voice actors who can give your video a powerful voice.

6. Animation

In this phase, we breathe life and motion into static illustrations and create animations in a 2D or 3D digital environment.

Types of videos for
the insurance industry

  • Interactive videos

  • Understanding the policies

  • Medical payments service

  • Property damage liability

  • Bodily injury service

Why brands choose Animatex

Learn more about why it's worth creating your next explainer video with us.

We investigate the client's goals

Our professionals are happy to learn about your goals, take notes, and compile a detailed list of your criteria that will enable us to develop the video that best reflects your vision.

We use a wealth of knowledge and abilities.

Animatex is  a team of experienced experts in their disciplines make up. It assembles exceptional directors, illustrators, and animators that perfectly complement our core group of experts.

We look into business objectives

Every project at our organization begins with an investigation into the intricacies and important goals of your business. To clearly communicate your brand's message and select the ideal visual style, we must fully comprehend what you are delivering.

We create excellent video.

Our major emphasis is quality. We provide animation and video content of the highest caliber in accordance with all market requirements.

We look at a target audience

We at Animatex are aware of how important target audience research is. We take the time to research potential clients and determine what appeals to them.

FAQ about insurance explainer videos

What are the stages of an explainer video production process?

Scripting, storyboarding, artwork, animation, voicing, and sound design are the first seven steps in our video production process.

How much does it cost to make an explainer video for insurance?

A basic explainer video for insurance firms costs $2000 to produce.

What animation styles can you offer?

The most well-liked animation types, including 2D animation, 3D animation, whiteboard animation, and motion graphics, are available from Animatex.

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