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Video for marketing

Animations are the most effective sales and marketing medium for businesses today. You can incorporate animated video into a digital marketing strategy to grab customers' attention, increase brand awareness, and skyrocket conversion rates.

Animatex, one of the best animation production studios in Poland, can guide you through the entire creation process.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a short video that describes a company's services, products, and processes using animation. The length of an average explainer video ranges from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on the purpose of the video, the placement, and the client's business goals.


All you need to do is define your goals, find a professional video production company, and present the finished video to the right audience in the right place.

Benefits of explainer video marketing


Animations make advertising appear more appealing and eye-catching. They increase the impact of marketing and advertising, as they can attract the user's attention. An explainer video for network marketing can help brands stand out from the competition and win the loyalty of customers.

Increasing conversions

Adding an impactful explainer video improves the user experience and provides an impressive first impression. 73% of online customers are more likely to buy a product or service if they have seen an engaging explainer video.

Better ranking on Google

A relevant animated video attracts visitors' attention and makes them spend more time on a website than the average. It lets Google know that your website contains very valuable content and brings it up in search results.

Reflection of your brand's culture

Companies can use a video marketing explainer to reveal their brand identity and promote core values. An animated video is a perfect medium for brand storytelling. An explainer video incorporated in advertising, social media content, website, and email marketing helps build a strong brand image.

Compelling elevator pitch

An animated explainer video can make your elevator speech more exciting and engaging. An adventurous story, eye-catching character design, beautiful illustrations and a compelling script will do wonders for your conversions.


One of the greatest advantages of video is its divisibility. An explainer video spiced up with animation is even more attractive to users. It encourages them to share it through social channels, like entertaining or educational content.

Brand awareness

Explainer video marketing is a viable method that can help you raise awareness of your brand. Companies can showcase their logos, company values, and other brand identity details in an animated video on social media or websites to build a remarkable online presence.

Where to use explainer videos?

  • Landing page

  • Sales pitches

  • Trade shows

  • Email marketing

  • Online advertising

  • Social media channels

Case studies

Explainer Video Service Tutorial

Explainer Video

HC "Sochi"
Loyalty Programme

Why Brands Choose Animatex

Affordable prices

We offer affordable prices and deliver the video in excellent quality within the budget you set.

International reputation

Animatex has earned an international reputation, serving companies around the world and being one of the best video production companies on a global scale.

Fast delivery times

Animatex has highly efficient and streamlined project management processes that ensure fast turnaround.

Experienced team

Our company brings together seasoned professionals with extensive experience in animation, illustration and video production.

FAQ about business explainer videos

What is explainer video marketing?

Explainer Video Marketing is a practice of brand advertising with videos that describe the company's products and services at different stages of the customer journey.

What are the types of explainer videos?

The most popular types of explainer videos are 2D animations, 3D animations, whiteboard animations and stop motion videos.

What makes a great marketing video?

A good marketing video must convey a clear message, present information concisely, be visually appealing, have an original style, and reflect a brand identity.

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