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How Much Does
an Explainer Video
Actually Cost?

An animated explainer video has innumerable uses and benefits. They aid in the innovative introduction of the brand, the unobtrusive promotion of products and services, and the explanation of difficult business principles in an easy-to-understand format. But, what is the cost of all this magic? What is the cost of an explanation video?

The cost of creating an explainer video is often determined by the animation style used, the length of the video, and your specifications. The average cost of an explainer video at Animatex is roughly 3000 USD.

The animation style affects explainer video costs

The biggest element influencing the cost of explainer videos is the animation style.
We provide the five most popular types at Animatex.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation has been increasingly popular in marketing and advertising in recent years. It appears to be an illustration technique on a whiteboard. Drawings are frequently created by the author's hand.

2D animation

It is the illusion of motion created in a two-dimensional environment. Characters and objects in 2D animated videos can only move from one place to another, producing the illusion of fluid movement.

3D Animation

3D animation is the process of generating people and objects in a three-dimensional digital realm. This animation approach is unique in that objects may flip around, giving the digital artist additional creative freedom. It is generally more costly than traditional 2D animation.


Another animation approach is stop-motion, in which objects are modified manually in small increments between separately captured frames. By combining these frames, the illusion of movement in the space is created. It is more costly than the previous options.

Motion graphics

Motion graphics are segments of animation or digital video that are combined to give the illusion of movement. It is generally centered on typography and text. This animation technique is frequently employed in multimedia projects.

The length of a video impacts the price

You've probably heard the expression "Time is Money." And it is, especially in the case of animated video creation. One of the most important elements impacting animated video production costs is video duration. A 1-minute explainer video may cost over 3000 USD on average.

Our video production process

Our animated explainer video production process includes 6 steps. At Animatex, we guarantee an individual approach to your project, considering your target audience, business goals, and KPIs.

1. Briefing

We identify the target audience and business goals to create a compelling explainer video for a mobile app that reaches the right users with the right answers.

2. Script

In this phase, we create a script. This is a scenario and text that will be spoken in the video. A script is essential for a successful video as it helps to clearly convey a marketing message or brand concept.

3. Storyboard

4. Illustrations

Storyboarding is about matching the visual presentation with a story. It involves creating a series of sketches that represent scenes and shots of the future video.

It's time to create beautiful illustrations that match the defined script and storyboard. We approach each client individually and create a unique illustration style.

5. Voice over

Animatex offers an extensive database of sound effects and a team of talented voice actors who can give your video a powerful voice.

6. Animation

In this phase, we breathe life and motion into static illustrations and create animations in a 2D or 3D digital environment.

FAQ about explainer video costs

What is the lowest price for explainer video production?

The average cost of explainer video creation is $500 USD. For your information, an explanation film for $500 USD is normally 30 seconds or less lengthy. It frequently employs a minimal storyline and a 2D animation technique.

How much does a product explainer video cost?

The cost of a product explainer video varies based on the company, the client's needs, and the product details. A product demo or promotional video, on the other hand, costs roughly 2000-4000 USD on average.

How much does explainer video cost if I have my own script?

The cost of the explainer video script is usually included in the final video production cost. The cost will be naturally cheaper if you have previously prepared a script for your narrative. To discuss prospects, please contact our specialists.

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